Paul Hagen, our 2nd assistant retired during the summer of 2017. Patrick Johnson, a ten year veteran of the water and wastewater industry was hired to replace him. 

This winter, Greg Smith, our lead lab tech and 2nd operator also retired. Patrick Johnson has stepped up to his  position.

The  Commissioners have hired Kate Marnul as a trainee. She is proving to be a reliable employee and will likely step up to Patrick's previous position early in 2018.

Joe Burress, the Operations Manager will, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, remain on staff for the duration of the upgrade projects,

also the highway 42 improvements and while the new staff becomes acclimated to the Fish Creek Operation. This will likely take two to four years.

The Sanitary District is currently engaged in a 2.7 million dollar project to replace aging equipment in the collection system and at the treatment plant.

Many of you have probably noticed the lift station project at the State park entrance. This facility replaced our  main lift station and went on line this past fall.

Upgrades to two of our other major lift stations and some of our secondary (grinder) stations are scheduled for March and April of this year.

Replacements of aging treatment plant equipment is schedule to begin this spring and to be completed in 2019.

The Board of Directors has recently approved rate increases to cover most of the costs of these projects. Though the Sanitary District has the authority to levy property taxes to pay for capital projects, the Board of Directors has elected to fund these projects with user fees. The new rate schedule can be viewed on the User Rates and Forms page of this website.